Friday, September 28, 2007

...and my time at the Frog is done!

All I have to really say is "reprise the theme song
and roll the credits!"

Here's some stuff I did at The Frog about a year ago. I'll upload more goodies once they clear their street dates, so figure, another year from now? X_x

Wheee, back to packing! *bounces*

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Feelin' cheeky!

This is for a friend who said he was feeling Post-It envy. Well, envy not, this is for you. There's a billion icky tangents in this comp but I've decided to take my mental vacation a few days early. I can deal, can you? ;)

Oh yeah, I wear glasses now (most of the time). I can't believe how much I was missing up until this point, holy crap! Sweet, sweet clarity!

P.S. Stripes are hawt.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pucker up, ya little minnow!

I'm not as stoked with this one as I was about the Butterfly Kid, but when deadlines come to call, ya gotta answer with dignity, poise and heart-shaped bubbles.

So, I'm off at the end of the week for my grand vacation... the vacation that's so packed full of stuff to do that I won't have much time to relax. YAY! I'll start by heading to Philly for all of 12 hours, driving to western MA, then to Salem, then fly out from Boston to Los Angeles then finally back to San Fran. So uh, it might be a few weeks before there's more stuff to see on here is all I'm sayin'. ^__^;

Monday, September 17, 2007

Post-it quickie!

I was going to do this epic post-it series before my last day at work and give the whole grand mosaic of memories as a parting gift to my friend, to say thank you for sharing the moments with me. But the further I got into this, the more exhausted I became and the more worried about taxing the friendship, so maybe it's time to just keep what I have and give this project a rest.

Never underestimate the versatility of white-out; it's not just for mistakes anymore!

Update: I gave these to him in person. They were well received :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Because nobody ever suspects the butterfly...

This is one of two illustrations for Mike Mattesi's newest character design book, which is due out next year. Yes, this image is disgustingly cute. No, I didn't have any say in the subject matter. I'm sorry if it - hey wait, not I'm not! Stuff like this is gonna pay my rent! ^_~

I tried to push the drybrushing technique this time, who knew that the dissolve brush actually could be used for the purposes of good? The second image should be up tomorrow, early this week at the worst. And holy crap, I am so going to bed now.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

I just took inventory and realized that I have less than 50 copies of Sketch or Swim left! Oh noes!

Wanna help me find homes for them? ^_~ Drop an email to if you'd like one. They're all signed and numbered n' stuff and there were only 200 of them printed. $10 includes shipping and entitles you to a few PugFish pins too!

New stuff coming this week btw!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

'Nuther Post-It Series! I started doing sequentials it seems, now if only I could get past 2 panels...