Monday, June 25, 2012

I made Marcus a baby brother! I think his name is Razzie. Not sure yet.

This will probably conclude my Muppet making for the near future, since there are lots of shows and projects coming up that need doing. I do want to share a little doodle I forgot about from my puppet class last month though!

See, I really struggled with the backwards-ness of the TV monitor and almost always botched my choreography. I remember the instructor calling out "PUPILS!" to me quite a bit, since my puppet would get turned around and he'd lose his eye contact with the camera. Mind you, I did lousy in my dance classes as a kid, and those had proper mirrors with no image flipping. I am not cut out for this biz.

Speaking of cut out, here's a ninja photo that Mayka Mei took during Razz's conception ;)

There should be a lot of updates in the weeks to come as I knock out these projects, so keep an eye out!