Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hey guys! Thank you for the comments about Appa in the last post there! I've been getting asked quite a bit if he is for sale, but he is already spoken for. Here he is with his new owner, Ikumi!

I can't sell pieces of fanart, given that they're copyrighted and all, so I'm sorry to say that the only future Appas will be given as gifts to friends, which is what I made him for in the first place. I'm really sorry! :x If you guys are into the felt rat I did in the last post, then you may want to check in soon because I will be making a few for the Purrcasso fundraiser in a couple months. The Berkeley East Bay Humane Society was leveled by a devastating fire this past spring, so proceeds from the auction will go to rebuilding the shelter and making a lot of wet noses very happy :)

I should also mention that I have begun keeping logs and tutorials in my facebook gallery on how to felt, so if you guys are friends with me on FB (I keep my albums private otherwise), please check 'em out! In the pipeline now is toddler Appa for Bill and a small army of Tampiis. Come on, you totally saw Tampii coming as soon as I started felting ;) Here's a shot of my workspace:

I should really be drawing more, but dammit, I am hooked on felting. It's even worth the injuries!

(Yes, that's the start of a Tampii in that pic ^_~)