Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I am still making Fledgies! I have 2  more feltie commissions to go for this year and I think I can get them both finished over Holiday break. This little guy is teaming up with the penguin from a few posts back and on his way to meet his new owner :)

This would also be the time to share that you can order a limited edition print of the Rattie Carolers online until December 16th! I only printed 10 of these and won't print any more, so this might be the neato gift for that rattie lover in your life that you've been looking for!

Click here to see my shop and buy prints! 

I hope to be able to finish my official Christmas card this weekend, in addition to the loose ends with homework and whatnot. Busy busy!

Monday, December 03, 2012

Hey thar! Just a quick drop-off of a new facebook cover design I did for my art page.

You didn't know I have an art page? Well, that's OK. All the cool kids have one and we all know where I rank on the Cool-o-Meter. It's somewhere around zero.

Come on over and play with me!

I probably should lighten up with the rats, it's kind of a safe place for me to go with my art, but dammit, I love my little furballs. From back left to front right, we have Aloysius, Duncan, Ronnie, Ivory, Pork Chop, Smudge and Rocket.

I also whipped up a Daruma last week to help me stay motivated. Basically it's a Japanese doll with blank eyes. You paint in one eye when you set a goal for yourself and display it somewhere that you will look at it a lot and remind you to keep working at it, no matter how slowly. Then, when you reach your goal, you paint in the other eye.

The physical Daruma I have had on my work desk has had one eye for 5 years. However long it takes, it's worth it.

So really I will be working hard at finishing up classwork for the next couple of weeks, then it's back to the east coast for a couple of weeks to visit family and get fat on the couch. There should be a somewhat sizable art dump once my class is over and then some felties once I get that time on the couch!

Oh yeah... CTN was AMAZING this year and I am savoring the inspiration and motivation that came from it all. Big ideas for next year! And with that bit of ambiguity, I leave you with the most recent addition to my playlist. Who doesn't love a nostalgic gaming groove while they draw?