Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I should probably mention this, since it is creeping up on me like a runaway train. I will be doing a panel at Comic Con in a little over a week with Brianne Drouhard, Beth Sleven, Eric Gonzalez, Eric Haegar and Mike Collins about making children's books and by extension, children's games. Here's all the date and time info if you're going to be at SDCC:

Clicky here!

Where have I been since April? Well, a lot of ups and downs at work and I have been crunching for the last few weeks, in addition to catching the flu IN THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER. I still managed to scrape myself out of bed to catch Hatsune Miku's concert at Anime Expo a couple weeks ago, but at the cost of my recovery. Still worth it.

This is pretty much the state I was in. For non-Miku fans, the leek is just how she rolls. I also shelled out for some Copic markers while at the Expo and by law you have to draw something anime with them. Here is my contribution of Miku, naturally.

Back to work!