Sunday, February 24, 2008

Make a Little Birdhouse in your Soul

For some reason I have no problem posting drawings of myself naked or in my underwear, yet when it comes to actually expressing feelings, it's like, the hardest thing on earth to me. Vulnerability is such a strange thing.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Also, quickie Pauper sketch! I don't usually sketch before I go into Illustrator, which is good and bad I suppose. Good because I think I get a different feel to the shapes when I mess around with just the pen tool, bad because it can be awkward to do a lot of basic problem solving with vectors that could have easily been done in thumbnails.

In unrelated news, I finally have a doctor's appointment to get a follow-up on my ankle which is still giving me problems 2 months after the fall. Sarah is betting I'll need an MRI. Dave is betting I'll need a cane. I am betting on more bills X_x

Monday, February 11, 2008

Drive-by smut!

This is a quickie costume/character study for a fairytale pin-up book I am taking part in. I suppose I can't show the actual illustrations until they are printed, but the rough stuff should be OK. The fairytale I am working on is a variation of the Prince and the Pauper... in this case, it's an all-girl cast. The Pauper will be dressed in something more peasant-y but look essentially the same as the Princess for obvious reasons. She will have freckles though, those years of working in the fields will do that to ya. And be sassier. Paupers must be sassy.

Mmmm, hips.

I was pondering the idea of turning this babe into a Flash paper doll, as I have been sliding various bits of clothes on and off of her as I figure out her wardrobe. Might be kinda fun, who knows!