Sunday, April 17, 2011

Animals are my favorite people. Well, most times. The rats lose points when they wrestle and bicker at all hours of the night (and chew up your special edition Okami-den earphone buds) and the cats lose points when they crap in the bathroom sink. But all that aside, here are some animal doodles to let you know that I am alive.

The kittehs are for a commission actually and I will post the final when it's done :)

This is Waffles, my big boy rat, in a thong. Was originally gonna be a sumo belt but given his girth, it became a banana hammock.

On the Tampii front, I still have some Bloody Hell panties left from WonderCon at the beginning of the month! If you would like one for $10, just drop me an email. If I can get rid of these then there could be some plush toy love for Tampii in the near future ;)

Speaking of WonderCon! I wanted to share an awesome moment from that weekend with you guys! I saw a lot of great (and not-so-great) costumes there and met many amazing people, but this young lady was one of the best. She had seen my Chi feltie online and went berserk when she saw it on display at my table. Here's her take on it! Be sure to check out her gallery, her cosplay is really awesome!

Now off I go to file my taxes after a BIG FRIGGIN' SCARE where my computer wouldn't boot up this morning. This is after I drowned my keyboard by accident with oolong tea earlier this week. By the time today is over, I'll have backed up everything in the world I care about on my LaCie and curl up into a quivering ball.