Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hey guys, there's this little shindig happening next week in LA that I will be at! Check out the CTN Expo! I will have a table sporting some prints, the last of my art books (less than a doezen left!), some jewelry, holiday cards, my portfolio flatbook (for your humbly delicious consideration, potential clients!) and a surprise or two. You can find me at table 22.

I will also be doing a live art demo (time TBD) where you can watch my process and ask how/why I do the stuff I do. Then there's Speed Talent, which is catered towards students and peers alike where I will be wearing a spiffy badge indicating that you can come up to me and ask for a critique on your body of work. Fair warning, I'm very nice but kind of blunt, but don't take it the wrong way - I am approachable and think you are neato and want to see what you've been up to and swap some ideas! One of the best parts of giving critiques is that I get to see many different styles of work and learn through teaching :)

What else is going on? Oh, this and that. Things I can't show you right away but here are some sketches and mind farts as of late.

Hope to see some of you down south next week!