Sunday, November 28, 2010

You guys? CTN-X was AWESOME. Though I didn't get to see any panels on account of needing to tend my booth, I did see tons of my LA friends (many of whom were so kind enough to bring me coffee and snacks throughout the day!) and met a slew of new, talented friends there. Sales were decent and the felties were a hit - I got my first commission while I was there too. Next year I'd like to have better 2D art to show, so I hope to work on that throughout 2011. I am still processing all of the cards and emails I've received since last weekend, so please be patient if you're waiting to hear back from me :)

While I was able to rest for a couple of days this week, I had to hit the ground running after the Con and work on those Nauties for the Soft Served show. I got one small ornament done though, so here he is. Also, some studies for the lollipop and bon-bon concepts.

I hope to have 5 ready to go next weekend but realistically I may only get to 3. We'll see what the week holds!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's that time of year again... time for CTN-X! I am really burned out on Cons in genral, which is why I haven't been to APE, WonderCon or sold anything at Comic Con in recent years. However, CTN-X is just so awesome that I gladly made an exception. Think of it as the Comic Con for the animation industry, only with 1/100th of the crowds, attendees with better hygiene and you are actually able to approach and talk to legends in animation. Last year I bumped into Don Hahn, Glen Keane, Glenn Vilppu and Don Bluth all in the same day. You can't argue with that! I also met a ton of awesome new friends and am looking super forward to reconnecting with everyone there.

I will be exhibiting my wares at table 39 in the back of the main hall. I have a couple of new prints and I've finally broke down and have started taking commissions for felties. I will have a few felties on display at my booth as samples for what I can do :)

Now, it wouldn't be a true expo for me if I wasn't riding waves of self doubt, anxiety and general fussiness followed by giddiness, confidence, excitement and then back around to the self doubt, so here is a doodle I did during one of the self-doubt phases. To answer Doodle-Steph's own question, it's never a waste of time, even if I feel out-classed by the talent that surrounds me. Last year I came back from the Expo energized and inspired and I expect this year will be every bit as good :)

In other news, I have a few felt pieces in the works for the Soft Serve show at OH NO! DOOM in Chicago. Here's what I have so far (don't wanna give away the surprise, but there will be tentacles involved when all is said and done!), and the poster which features an awesome monster cone by Chelsea Bloxsom!

See you guys at CTN!

Monday, November 01, 2010

I don't really understand why my internal organs seem to act out whenever I have the most things to do in a given week. While I was hoping that this morning's distress was caused by some kind of tainted pie, be it chicken pot pie or avocado pie, it seems that none of the other party-goers are sick today, so I guess it's just another battle lost to micro-organisms. Pass the Gatorade, please.

On a brighter note, I finished that Baby Appa feltie and passed him on last night to his new owner, Bill! Bill took to him immediately and provided a warming pouch for the little guy. Appa, in turn, gave him hints about beating Okamiden on the DS.

Now, Bill is Ikumi's husband and as you know, she was given the first Appa feltie I made. There have been some strong feelings expressed about the unfairness of there now being a 2 Appa household, (right BILLIAM?! ;) so I will indeed be making another Appa feltie in good time. Actually, two Appas. Vear asked for one too. But next up is a Momo for someone who has been very, very patient, then some goodies for an upcoming show in Chicago this December, and then a Flammie for Brianne. With the exception of Flammie, all of my feltie requests have come from Avatar: The Last Airbender and I gotta say, I am getting tired of making white, grey and brown colored hybrid animals. Either I need to get new friends with more diverse tastes or the A:TLAB crew needs to get a new paint box for the upcoming series ;)

I'll check in again soon, thanks for looking guys!