Sunday, March 31, 2013

I'll tell you, it's been a pretty exhausting couple of weeks. Burning lots of midnight oil both at work and on gallery pieces and side projects. But I am happy to say that my felted version of "Raturdae" is done and is ready to be shipped off to the gallery!

 I have to admit, the little white rat has grown on me. I hope they go to a good home, he's hard to part with!

The show is at Clutter Magazine's gallery in Beacon, NY and you can sign up for the preview list right here! 

I have some good news about this spring, mostly regarding conventions and upcoming shows in the Bay Area. I will be at the Cherry Blossom Festival April 20 - 21 and at Maker Faire May18 - 19 to sell prints, the last of the books and some brand new stuff! I will keep you posted on here, of course.

This might also be a  good time to direct folks to my art page on facebook; while I have no intentions of abandoning this blog, I tend to be more active and post more works in-progress on FB. Go on over and "like" the page and make sure you have it in your pages feed to see more stuff!

Friday, March 22, 2013

I told you there was a Fledgie on the way! This little blossomed budgie is for the Spring is in the Air show at Tr!ckster on the 30th! I will be at the gallery reception to hang out and snarf down refreshments. stop by and make fun of me!

Sorry for the hand in the second photo, I didn’t have time to mount the perch into the wall before I have to drop off this guy at the gallery! I will try to take a pic of him once he is installed :)

Here is the show flier, for you local folks!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Another drop-in post, so everyone knows I am still alive and trying to do things!


The pooch is my Dad's border collie mix, who does in fact prefer to stick a leg straight up while resting. This is the family's first dog who isn't a cocker spaniel, so I dunno, is the leg silliness a border collie thing?

I think there will be a Fledgie showing up here soon, so keep on the lookout! Lots of shows and things happening for the next month, kind of makes me wish I had an assistant or an intern who accepted pay in the form of cupcakes, hopes and dreams. X_x