Monday, February 26, 2007

Man, looking back at my recent self portraits, you guys must think I'm the most crass, immature and emo little artist... but come on, I worked on a show about a Talking Crime-Fighting Butt. I know the audience is out there somewhere!

Besides, this pic reminds us to look to the little things in life for joy. Especially those of us who act like the last digit of their age (I'll be 7 real soon!) So don't be offended if you recieve this as a "Hi, how have you been?" sort of greeting card in the mail, k? ;)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

PugFish Pins!

Drop an email to to order a set. I will love you forever and bake you cookies one day. <3

I've noticed that a set of these cascading down the strap or your purse of backpack passes easily as a gay pride thing. Then again, I do live in San Francisco.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

You heard it here first.

Created with photoshop, illustrator and a holiday filled with heartbreak.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I hated sharing.

There was a theme at work to doodle up a "little monster".. i.e. one of those brats that always gets what they want. Me being the narcissistic little person I am, did a self-portrait.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Picking up pieces slowly, but I do have something more upbeat to show. Consider this the contents of my clogged arteries of creativity over the last couple of months. (heh, get it? Art... ART-eries... ok I suck.)

This is the vector-friendly PugFish. I have buttons and T-shirts in the works. Go on, you know you want one... you know, once I set up my store and all ;)

I was home sick for the Holidays and laid up on my Dad's couch for 3 days with the flu and a broken heart. So what else was there to do but draw what was there in front of me? As for why I didnt watch TV, I'll tell ya... 400 channels and there still ain't nuthin good on (not counting Cartoon Network of course!)

Finally, I have started playing around with "digital papercuts", that is, delicious vector artwork with even more delicious Photoshop effects applied to them to look like cut out paper. This image will be featured in an upcoming issue of Advanced Photoshop Magazine... if you're in the UK, pick me up a copy please ^_~

Also, I am starting a comic relating to yesterday's post, and I admit I am looking rather forward to it. It isn't often that I feel like I have a story to tell, much less feel enthused about it.

More to come soon.