Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh man. The last week or so has been one snarling ball of frustrations for me. While it kicked off to a good start with my completion of Marshall Van Druff's Animal Drawing Crash Course at the LAAFA, I find myself sweating at home trying to catch up with work while Truffles, one of my new ratties, struggles with the same illness that took Candy. On top of that, it appears that my scanner is going belly-up and, well, I need a break, peeps.

On top of this mess was the whole art thief sideshow, which, if you haven't caught up on that, there's a short version of the shenanigans here.

So anyway, the aforementioned animal class went great! Marshall is one of my favorite teachers and he's always encouraging without being insincere. I learned a lot and I hope it makes my gestures feel more solid - sometimes too loose is no good. Here are some samples from the class and the zoo alike:

I've also taken up needle felting for during those times when I just don't want to be at my drawing table or on Photoshop. I know that I'm supposed to be working on goodies for CTN this fall but, well, I rationalized that this time would have been spent farting around on the internet, so better to be actually creating something than not? *whip crack* ALL RIGHT! I'LL GET BACK TO DRAWING! ;)

This is my second ever piece, a little version of Cookie, my currently oldest rattie and Candy's still-living partner in crime. She's a character and she needed to be felted!

This should be obvious, but it's Appa from Avatar: TLAB. My talented friend Iku asked me to make her one when she found out that I was starting to take up felting and I figured this would be a great way to learn construction and felting in general.

His face still bugs me but overall I am happy with him! Next on my roster is baby Appa, Flammie from Secret of Mana and maybe a certain anthropomorphic tampon. The nice thing about felting is that I've designated it as my hobby, meaning, absolutely no rules or deadlines. It gets done when it gets done the way I want it done!

Thinking of doing some custom layouts on this dreary, black blog space but that will have to wait for another time. Talk to you guys soon <3

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

UPDATE: I'm done with this issue. I've talked to the blog author and to some of the people directly involved. Life is goin' on!