Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's that wonderful time of year again - CTN-X!

I will be at table T-81, right next to the demo station. I will be selling books, prints and displaying a collection of felties that I've done (yes, including a Baby Appa! The seated one, even!)

And aside from pulling all of my stock together and making prints, I've been chugging away at homework. Here is one tiny part of it! I will do a major dump of all of my studies in a few weeks, once the class wraps up. We've been cracking at these characters for weeks and I feel like she's finally starting to take shape.

I hope to see you guys in Burbank this weekend! It's like coming home to my SoCal family! Looking forward to a doodle dinner with two of my favorite lady artists and to meeting new faces... and putting faces to the avatars of all the new, talented folks I have been introduced to online this year!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Who needs politics when there are new Fledgies? Here's a fat little penguin for a very, very patient customer :)

Nice to be felting again, but I'm still working through homework and preparations for CTN-X. Plus I have a rattie feltie who desperately needs some finishing touches! More to come on that very soon! How soon? TOO SOON! AAAUUGGHH!

Thursday, November 01, 2012

I almost forgot! Today was National Self Portrait Day! It's only 10:30 pm PST, so you might still have time to make one ;)

I ended up doing two today since I just couldn't seem to loosen up. This is me from this morning:

My Grandma knitted me that hat. It's way cooler in real life.

...and here I am this evening, after my class. My fizzy bath bombs from Lush came in the mail and oh man, it's bliss. I may be a friggin' tomboy, but I swear, get me near anything from Lush and I turn into a quivering girly mess.

My favorite one is "Sex Bomb". Aw yeah. 

See you guys soon with more characters and maybe a Fledgie!