Friday, September 12, 2014

It's Snorffle-riffic Friday!

When it rains, it pours! I will be doing a proper update on Kickstarter shortly, but for now I wanted to share the bevy of rewards and book progress that has all come to a head in the last few days! This is the fun part of working on a lot of things at once; it pays off all at once too!

First of all, I received the advanced copy of the book in the mail today! I can tell you, it will be worth the wait. The colors are vibrant, the paper stock is nice and thick and it's just a joy to be holding it in my hands. 

This copy will be on display at APE in a few weeksshould you like to hold it in your hands whilst considering throwing down for a pre-sale at the show. Shipping will be free, and you can take your exclusive tiger print home with you that day. Just sayin'.  If you've already supported us via Kickstarter and have a book ordered, then please stop by our table if you can. You can pick up all of your other Kickstarter swag, including the Totes Mah Goats tote! 

Did I mention I have a metric crap-ton of greeting cards debuting at APE too? 5'' x 7'' this time! I am waiting on a few more designs to come back from the printer, then they will be assembled into assorted theme packs (Ocean Life, Pocket Pets and For the Birds). I will have cards for sale individually at APE as well, not sure about selling singles online just yet. Flat rate shipping makes it kind of pointless. 

Things are starting to come together, despite the bumps in the road. I am really excited to be putting all of these goodies into the hands of wonderful people. I am sure I will have another update very soon - I still have to show you guys the ferret pillows, the stickers, and maybe a new piece or two!

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

You Are Who You Choose To Be.

So  much has happened since my last update! First off, here are less than stellar photos of my piece for The Iron Giant Mini Tribute at A Little Known Shop in Anaheim! Show is September 13th and ONE NIGHT ONLY! 

Housed in a 16” x 4” x 4” case, I cut out archival quality inkjet prints of a piece I originally painted digitally and arranged them carefully among circuits and wires. My lovely partner Rez designed the circuit board for me so that the blue bulb on the bolt blinks! I wish I had a gif :( 

Anyway, I learned a ton about circuits and soldering and how not to breath in fumes from molten lead. I’ve never had the patience for the elaborate, gorgeous paper cuts that I see at shows, so I decided to keep the paper elements simple and let the LEDs be the “wow” factor here :)

Also, we have been confirmed for a table at APE 2014! It's at a new venue, one of my favorites in the area actually, so I am very excited about this fresh start. Here is where you can find Jeannine and I - an EASY walk-in from the entrance!

Now for some less than happy news. At the moment there have been some snags with Snorffles & Meeps! Vol. 3. The books are still being made and everyone who pledged the proper amounts during the kickstarter will still get their copies, albeit a little later than anticipated, so it's nothing catastrophic. The worst that is going to happen is that we are missing our initial shipping deadline, which was in the beginning of October - unfortunately this is out of our control as the factory we are using to make these books has slipped the deadline and we can't recover the lost time. We are rather unhappy about that, but since neither Jeannine nor I have perfected time travel, we gotta deal.

In addition to setting back the book's ship date by a few weeks, this means we will not have copies to sell in-person at APE this year. This is the toughest blow for us, since it would have saved us shipping costs to be able to give these to kickstarter pledgers locally and also have given us a chance to reach a wider audience at the show. Not to mention we were looking forward to seeing people react to the book in-person! Having books at APE was the primary reason why we set our initial shipping deadline in early October, however, we will be offering pre-sales for the book on-site at APE, with free shipping, and you can take home a 5'' x 7'' signed tiger print when you pay for the pre-order in full. All of our kickstarter goodies, such as the tote bags, the cards, pillows and pins are on schedule to be ready before October, so we can also give out those goodies in-person to pledgers.

Finally, one way or another, we will have a sample copy of the book at our table for people to look through. We may be able to have an advance copy of the book straight from the factory, or we will mock something up via a made-to-order site.

When life gives you lemons, you make Snorffles. And Meeps.