Monday, February 26, 2007

Man, looking back at my recent self portraits, you guys must think I'm the most crass, immature and emo little artist... but come on, I worked on a show about a Talking Crime-Fighting Butt. I know the audience is out there somewhere!

Besides, this pic reminds us to look to the little things in life for joy. Especially those of us who act like the last digit of their age (I'll be 7 real soon!) So don't be offended if you recieve this as a "Hi, how have you been?" sort of greeting card in the mail, k? ;)


naomiful said...

haha - you worked on assy? that show is so bizarre/funny! :] quite a nice blog ~!

Emma said...

Hahaha. At least you're grownup enough to use a stick - when I find random stuff on the ground, I grab it with my hands.

Although hopefully not poo... >_>