Monday, March 26, 2007

My front page gallery on just went up! HOLY CRAP!

I couldn't clear the NDAs with Hasbro, so all I had to add up there was some older stuff (which makes me really nervous, I feel so out-ranked up there!). I want to add a couple of my newer pieces up there... any suggestions?

Crap, now I really have to get my website fixed...


davestone said...

OMG dude! FRONTPAGE!? That's so potent... am I even allowed to talk to you now? ;)

Seriously though, congrats on that! Thats killer, and don't feel out-ranked, you deserve to up there too!!! Your a lot more talented than you think, me thinks.

Mythographer said...


I went to, because my students are always telling me about it. I was curious if I would see anything I liked, and I was suprised to find one image at the top of the page that was immediately compelling.

It was yours.

Best always,