Sunday, November 25, 2007

Omigosh, thank you all so much for the comments and kind words about the tutorial! A few people have already contacted me to show me the artwork they created using the tutorial, so I will be sure to link to them in my next post. Right now it's late and I'm just dropping off a quickie!

So here's the concept for my Christmas Card this year. The title is:

"Naughty or Nice, You're Still Getting a Lump in Your Stocking"

...I'm starting to wonder if I have some issues. ^_~

I'm not planning on printing out this version just yet - my family is my primary audience for the printed cards so I will literally have to clean this one up a bit before I do a small run. Anyone know of any print houses that will do a run of 50 cards or less?


tom said...

very funny!

Unknown said...

There's your ol' buddy Overnight Prints.

Issues....maybe. *snerk*

Unknown said...

d'oh... I left the url for the little cards. They also have 5-1/2 x 8-1/2.

Martin Brennand said...

Awww... that's brilliant! The toilet paper beard is a beautiful touch. Love it to deathy death.

devin platts said...

somebody has a scat fetish :)

DivaLea said...

How slow am I? I didn't get that the toilet tissue was a beard until I saw the "clean" version.

I thought it was just hung there for convenience, for after the presents were made.

Now I want to write "The Push before Christmas."

"'Twas the Push before Christamas,
and down in the loo,
Scat Steph was pinching rope, er,
making special poo."

Alex Deligiannis said...

Heheh, that's great!

Anonymous said...

i hope its still hot and fresh on xmas morning when i reach in my stocking