Sunday, October 05, 2008

I'm here! What'd I miss?

For reals, sorry about the art absence. Life got a little tangled and plenty busy, the latter is because I have been contracting for a casual games studio. The commute doesn't leave much time for personal art, but I do have September's very special Steph of the Month just about ready to go. Should post that this week.

Which brings me to the project I am working on for the studio! All of the visuals were conceived and executed in less than a week (phew!) If you're on myspace, check out Dog World and add it to your profile! Not only are a ton of new accessories and costumes in the works for the virtual puppies (you can send you friends POOP IN THIS GAME, PEOPLE!) but the app raises real, tangible money for the ASPCA as you play it. It's win/win, folks.

Here are some samples of the art (I draw'ed everything and Sarah Dungan animated the pups!)

Not much else in the immediate pipelines, but lots of big plans for the future underway - possible international travel, some gallery shows and a longer-term personal project. :D

Thanks for putting up with me guys. <3


jenjo0623 said...

Hey girl! Cute puppies, hon!
They would make super sweet sunshine buddies styled bobble heads....:)
Hope you have time to check out my blog too.
Love Ya,

Eric Poulton said...

Man, adorable!

Geez, I haven't talked to you in FOREVER. I get a C- at keeping in touch.

Miss the crap out of you!

Unknown said...

Aww, they're so cute! The game looks great Steph! Hey, if your international jetsetting ever takes you to England, I'm sure we could give you a place to stay if you need one.

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