Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hooooo boy, this month has just been rapid-fire. I will have a bit of personal work to post up here soon but I forgot to name-drop this show that's featuring my work here in Berkeley:

Yes, they misspelled my last name. I am in fact used to it by now. Anyhoo. three of the five prints that I am featuring have sold actually, but you can always email me and ask for one :) In fact, if you hop over to my etsy store, you can see (and buy) some of the pieces I hung there. (Hint: link is to your right with those lovely thumbnails). :D

February is around the corner and very busy as well - I will have work at a show at Nickelodeon and Gallery Nucleus in LA, then I will be attending Wonder Con at the end of the month. Did I mention I *finally* have a booth this time? Oh, and that I am sharing it with one of my art idols? That's right, Lauren Faust, I'm talking about you! We're going to have the girliest and quirkiest goods at the Con, so swing by. I will post pertinent booth location info as soon as I have it... in the meantime, crap, I need to make stuff to sell. AGH!

And to think, this time last year, I was complaining how I didn't have enough to do. X_x


Bill Robinson said...

But wheeeere in Berkeley and when? We can has partiez?

PS, you should bring your ginormous macworld print to wondercon.

Mom said...

Oh Steph... I love it!!!!!!