Wednesday, March 04, 2009

So, I totally forgot to mention that I was at Wonder Con this weekend, with a booth of my own. While I was supposed to share with Lauren Faust and her husband Craig, they both feel ill at the last minute and had to stay home to recover. ;__; They were definitely missed by myself and by all of the fans who stopped by to wish them well!

I mostly sold art books, signed prints and greeting cards at my booth; "Meeting Place", "Popke and Puddin'" and "The Princess" were quite popular! Proof that I'm not the only one who loves fuzzy animals and boobs. I saw some old faces and met many new ones, one of my favorites being my neighbor who was selling handmade corsets while wearing a leather kilt. You just can't beat that. Big thanks to everyone who came by to show their support!

These are a few Post-its that I drew up while at the Con. They didn't sell too well, which surprised me because I thought people wanted to buy originals. I might shellac these onto some pieces of wood for a better presentation.

Now to catch up on Etsy orders that I need to fill and pull my thoughts back together. Cons are draining, y'all! <3


Unknown said...

Did you really need proof that everyone oves fuzzy animals and boobs? I take that as a given! ;)

Seafoodpunch said...

hey! I love your artwork. I had the misfortune of stumbling into the wondercon that weekend...and man, it was crazy...but I did manage to squeeze my way through the hordes of people and to your booth where i was drawn to all your drawings...which were awesome! and made even better by boobies...of course. I'm a i can say boobies and not feel guilty. Hope you had fun..and thanks for the awesome art!

Seafoodpunch said...

Oh, my site is if you ever want to stop by and say hello.