Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! Admittedly I am sort of a Halloween Grinch this year, despite my lifelong ties to Salem, MA; it's raining here in Berkeley and I am relieved that there haven't been many kids coming by, as I am trying desperately to catch up on homework and decompress a little. The last couple of weeks were HECTIC and my attempt at having a vacation completely backfired.

I was knocked on my arse last week with a sore throat monster and fell behind in both work and homework - not to mention that as soon as I felt better, I had a wedding to attend that was a 7 hour drive away! No regrets honestly, as I got to see one of my closest friends tie the knot with the most loving,  albeit clumsy, sentimental pile of husband I have ever seen ;) I also made them special WEDDING MUPPETS!

Here are pics of them as the glue was drying in the hotel room, minutes before we had to go to the ceremony! Last-Minute-Laberis strikes again!

But in the end they held up and were cherished, just as I wanted them to be, and clearly I earned some karma, as that bouquet just fell right into my hands.
So while I continue to play catch-up, here are some kind of old thumbnails I did for the exclusive alapaca print that we gave away with the book sales at APE. If you're heading to CTN-X in a couple of weeks then you have a chance to grab one, as the final, secret print isn't available for sale by itself. We're sneaky that way ;)

If you can't make it to the Expo, then you can still buy a copy of the book online! I've got some prints up for sale as well. Have a look at the new storefront!

With that, I leave you with a self portrait of me and my fuzzy children. All 7 of them. Rocket is there, she's just tucked away, as she likes to be.

Till next time!