Monday, December 03, 2012

Hey thar! Just a quick drop-off of a new facebook cover design I did for my art page.

You didn't know I have an art page? Well, that's OK. All the cool kids have one and we all know where I rank on the Cool-o-Meter. It's somewhere around zero.

Come on over and play with me!

I probably should lighten up with the rats, it's kind of a safe place for me to go with my art, but dammit, I love my little furballs. From back left to front right, we have Aloysius, Duncan, Ronnie, Ivory, Pork Chop, Smudge and Rocket.

I also whipped up a Daruma last week to help me stay motivated. Basically it's a Japanese doll with blank eyes. You paint in one eye when you set a goal for yourself and display it somewhere that you will look at it a lot and remind you to keep working at it, no matter how slowly. Then, when you reach your goal, you paint in the other eye.

The physical Daruma I have had on my work desk has had one eye for 5 years. However long it takes, it's worth it.

So really I will be working hard at finishing up classwork for the next couple of weeks, then it's back to the east coast for a couple of weeks to visit family and get fat on the couch. There should be a somewhat sizable art dump once my class is over and then some felties once I get that time on the couch!

Oh yeah... CTN was AMAZING this year and I am savoring the inspiration and motivation that came from it all. Big ideas for next year! And with that bit of ambiguity, I leave you with the most recent addition to my playlist. Who doesn't love a nostalgic gaming groove while they draw?


Birdie Tam said...

Heh love the one of the ratties singing :)

mohamed abdellatif said...

nice post