Sunday, February 24, 2013

Here is the completed piece for my ECCC Exclusive print, “Starbrux” - I am printing an 11'' x 17'' edition of 10 and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

The piece is lovingly dedicated to my sweetest Pork Chop, who passed away without warning on Friday night, while I was working on this, in fact. For those in the know with rats, she was fine the day before and when I found her she was very dehydrated, weak, unable to eat or drink and shaking with a lot of poryphorin. I rushed her to the ER and we determined it was either a stroke or a mild infection that suddenly went systemic, and given her state and age, she wasn't expected to improve, so I chose to let her go gently, instead of languishing in an incubator. This never, ever gets any easier.

My heart aches for her loss, but at least she’s still part of this piece ♥ And with that, I need to go snuggle my ratties and tell them that they're great.

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Unknown said...

so sorry for the loss, porkchop was so funny in your blog :(