Saturday, May 03, 2014

Ferrets, Pillows, Procrastination!

Whoah, that was a long, unplanned hiatus from this blog! A lot happened in the last bunch of weeks, ranging from bursts of work, a couple of medical scares and a convention here and there. Things are back to being steady for the time being, so I am hoping to be more productive again. 

One of the new things I've been up to is making pillows from my artwork! It started with a prototype of the little sweater ferret and so far the reception has been great!

I decided to do a pre-sale for 10 pillows, since there was enough demand. At the time of this writing we're down to 8 left! You can grab one here if you like!

I'm still drawing, I swear. I will be getting back in the saddle with more animal illustrations for the book, possibly meaning some new prints for the art sale at NightLife on the 15th. Locals, come on down! I might have a few pillows left to sell in-person too!

See you in a bit, most likely with some lemurs. Finally.