Friday, September 12, 2014

It's Snorffle-riffic Friday!

When it rains, it pours! I will be doing a proper update on Kickstarter shortly, but for now I wanted to share the bevy of rewards and book progress that has all come to a head in the last few days! This is the fun part of working on a lot of things at once; it pays off all at once too!

First of all, I received the advanced copy of the book in the mail today! I can tell you, it will be worth the wait. The colors are vibrant, the paper stock is nice and thick and it's just a joy to be holding it in my hands. 

This copy will be on display at APE in a few weeksshould you like to hold it in your hands whilst considering throwing down for a pre-sale at the show. Shipping will be free, and you can take your exclusive tiger print home with you that day. Just sayin'.  If you've already supported us via Kickstarter and have a book ordered, then please stop by our table if you can. You can pick up all of your other Kickstarter swag, including the Totes Mah Goats tote! 

Did I mention I have a metric crap-ton of greeting cards debuting at APE too? 5'' x 7'' this time! I am waiting on a few more designs to come back from the printer, then they will be assembled into assorted theme packs (Ocean Life, Pocket Pets and For the Birds). I will have cards for sale individually at APE as well, not sure about selling singles online just yet. Flat rate shipping makes it kind of pointless. 

Things are starting to come together, despite the bumps in the road. I am really excited to be putting all of these goodies into the hands of wonderful people. I am sure I will have another update very soon - I still have to show you guys the ferret pillows, the stickers, and maybe a new piece or two!


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