Monday, July 09, 2007

Book pre-orders! Just $5 (plus shipping...!)

I am taking pre-orders for my first ever book! It's 7x7'', 24 full-color pages (28 if I have a few more late nights) and will ship beginning July 24th. Did I mention it's signed and numbered too? WOO HOO!

It features a year in art from my lil brain, and a couple surprises too. So drop an email to if you would like one for just $10!

...and now to go finish the contents of this book O__o;;


Seg said...

I think I'll bite... but how much?

Unknown said...

Oops! I forgot to mention that detail! They're $5 a pop ;)

Biocreep said...

Cool Steph! Can't wait!

Seg said...

I e-mailed you two days ago using my Sorry for bugging you, but could you check if the e-mail was marked as junk?

The setbacks for having your own URL. :(

Unknown said...

Let me know when you're back

Jake said...

i saw the layouts. can't wait to hold one in my hot little hands :o)

David Jackson said...

Nice meeting you at Comic Con, thanks for the neat book.

sin said...

Good morning Steph,
It was nice meeting you and thanks for the copy of your sketch book. I met some people just by having your book in hand. There are a couple of art shows in San Francisco this Thursday: Usurow's at the UpperPlayGround and The Fecal Face 7.5 art show and party.
You should go, I heard last year's show was packed.
Thanks again,

Kennon said...

I received the book in the mail. Thanks for #9! It looks great! I love the page of self portraits and of course the fish :)

Thanks again.