Friday, July 06, 2007

Pre-Comic Con confidence breakdown! Woo hoo!

Something fluffy to look at while I sweat bullets, lose sleep and make my masseuse very rich. My book is going to be PWNed by all the big dawgs in a couple of weeks, I really hope I can handle the big ol' slice of humble pie headed my way.



Peterbilt said...

How do you decide if what you've done is "good?"

I always used to get completely demoralized at Con. But also inspired. Then I realized that even though it's sort of a culture that values technical proficiency measured against some standard, it was more what people were saying with their work that lit me up.

I love Rina Piccolo's cartoons, Vaughn & Marc Bode, Jill Thompson...

Thomas F. Dougherty said...

These bots are more then good there GREAT!