Sunday, August 26, 2007

Galaxy Girls FANARTZ!

Visitng Lauren's Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls booth at SDCC was one of the highlights of the Con for me, and after she introduced Mars to me I kept having little images of her as a digital papercut popping into my mind. So here is the result of that venture. Mars has been my favorite planet since I was little and when I found out that Lauren's Mars was an artist, well, that just sold me. ;)

And now back to the work they pay me to do. Le sigh.


Mother Earth said...

HOLY POOP!!! This is really amazing, Steph. I really am flattered.

You've got a really great blog here, and Craig and I LOVE your sketchbook from Comiccon. Keep up the good work!!

BTW- can I put this pic on my blog? I know people will like it!

Unknown said...

Man, you are making me so depressed that I'm not on the west coast. All this stuff I'm missing out on. :(

Randeep Katari said...

That is WICKED! I love your stuff!!