Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A moment for Popke

Odds are you've already seen this on my website, in my art book or somewhere else online, but it's getting re-posted here.

Popke (Pop-kee) is the red-eyed rascal on the left and she passed away tonight from a complication with mammary tumors. Rattie owners are all too familiar with those. .__. It's strange, because I haven't had Popke with me in over a year; my father is taking care of her and her sister (Puddin') in Boston because I thought it too risky to fly them out to California. Surgery wasn't an option with Popke (my Dad was unable to provide the aftercare) so we opted to keep her happy until things started to get tough for her. She was perky and ever-vigilant for Yogies right until the end.

I miss her little happy tail thrashes when you petted her lil head just right...