Monday, July 21, 2008

Thank you guys for the surprising responses to my last post - it's a comfort to know that no matter how blah I feel about "present Steph", you're all willing to keep the brighter bits in the forefront of your minds ;) I guess the kid's not going anywhere, but I have some new directions that I want to play with. Oh, cryptic!

Sooooooo, it's that time of year where I ship myself off to the Con to collect more awesome artist friends and realize that I have even more work cut out for me and my goals! My books will be on sale at BOOTH 5528 courtesy of "Girls Drawin' Girls" and I might try to see if Stuart Ng will take any more books on consignment as well.

If you happen to be at the Con, be on the lookout for the smiling orange faux hawk; if you say hi, she will give you some pins and sell you a book if you want one ;)

Oh yeah, this is the artwork for the title page of "Don't Flash the Octopus". Insert hentai jokes here.

Wish me luck and the possibility of fulfilling employment! <3 SEE YOU THERE!


Brittney Lee said...

I REALLY dig the hair. See you at the Con with money for a book in hand :)

Brian S. said...

good, cause I'll need you'r help finding the Stuart Ng books booth. Gotta catch that Eric Goldberg fella.

Seeya at the Con! Hope your books sell like gold-plated hotcakes!

Unknown said...


It was a pleasure meeting you at the con, and I want to hear of any good stories you may have.

Your book is REALLY cool. The cover is beautiful and funny. Great title. The inside cover is wonderfully laid out and an excellent second laugh after opening the book. The work inside is refreshing and adorable - I think you have a unique and interesting style. Definitely keep at it - I'm interested to see what you do next.

It's fun to be able to trade with other artists - thanks for sparing 2 for myself and Bob.

Maybe I'll get to see you at next year's con. 'Til then, keep in touch!


That Darn Tu-Anh! said...

gosh your art is amazing, its so unique it and it always cracks me up hahah



That Darn Tu-Anh! said...

and THAT is how you get sand between your boobs.

Anonymous said...