Thursday, August 07, 2008

ZOINKS! The lovely ladies of the Chicago Animators forum posted a video interview they did with me. ItalkreallyfastwhenIamnervous.

Thank you guys so much, it was a real pleasure to get to meet you and I am still all giddy that you wanted to talk to me in the first place ^__^;; Please check out their respective art blogs here, here and here!

Also, I received my copy of the children's book that I worked on in the mail the other day, so I thought I would share a few spreads with you guys. It was written by Anne Stratford and it's a semi-autobiographical story about her nephew coping with his father's presence in Iraq as a soldier. It's not as morbid as it sounds, I promise. Should you so desire, the book can be purchased here.

Not much in the way of new art to post as I am still playing catch-up with reality and freelance. Frayed nerves are a way of life, I swear. I will post more goodies as soon as they become available!


Bill Robinson said...

Hey Steph, cool interview! And nice illustrations too. Welcome back.:D

Unknown said...

eeeeee! you worked on My Little Pony. I'm officially jealous. :P

(i'm a MLP nerd. obviously! ha ha...)

cute interview!

Svetlana said...

Hello, Steph, thank you so much for sending me your pictures.
I received them today and really happy with them. I love them all and they make me smile and feel light hearted, despite all different themes. They are just have so much heart and good nature in it.
My husband saw them first before me and said that he liked them all and when I ask which one the most ... he said all of them... becasue they all are unusual, were his words.

Love the both books. I really feel the tender, kind, warm heart behind those images, and it is so nice... makes me feel good and peaceful, and opens me up. Makes me feel gentle... How about that, Tomboy?

So thanks...
Hope you have a lot of fun and I wish you happiness and harmony.

Tom Scholes said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! <3

Unknown said...

It really throws me when somebody I talk to online suddenly has a voice-don't worry though, you weren't speaking too quickly! :)

Unknown said...

Nice interview Steph! I din't think you talked too fast at all. :)

It was also to see a little of your first book. Looks like there is some cool stuff in there too!

Anonymous said...

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