Sunday, March 07, 2010

Ok! So I can tell you about what those ghostie sketches were for. I have been working remotely with 3 other people around the country (none of whom I have met in-person yet!) to create a vertical slice demo of an indie Xbox Live game called...

Ghost Chef!

We're going to be pitching it to publishers at GDC next week, so fingers crossed for us! I only had around 50 hours to put into it over the course of the last couple of months, so though the pace was intense, it felt very productive and I think we were able to pull it all together well.

I got to have a hand in every part of the process, starting from the game designer's asset list and visualizing all parts of the game, from the characters to the props to the background and even some input with the layout of the kitchen stations by noodling with SketchUp for the first time, which is so easy to use compared to my tragic experience with Maya 5 in college. ;_; Regrettably we ran out of time before GDC to flesh out the best part, being the unlockable story vignettes, but that's for later on I guess.

So here's some process stuff and a special bonus plushie that I commissioned the always amazing Lana Crooks to create to help promote the awesomeness factor of culinary spirits!

Big thank you to Abby Goldsmith, our talented animator who busted her arse to meet the crazy deadlines and bring so much life to all characters, singing food items and tentacles of doom!

So now I catch my breath, organize my 'folio and throw myself into the unforgettable chaos of GDC. See you guys later!


Lana Crooks said...

The game looks awesome!! I feel like I got be a part of it even tho i didnt design anything..haha! The ghost was alot of fun!!!

Edward Pun said...

Good luck at GDC! The designs looks fun.

Unknown said...

I needs an Xbox and a ghost plushie!

Christina Powell said...

You're so super cool! I'll make my friend buy it when it comes out... though I doubt I'll hafta work very hard at it :)