Friday, March 05, 2010

Dudes, my blog needs more color. Here is some color!

I had a run of bad luck this week, so with some new found free time I whipped up Little Goku here for a character styling challenge run by Luigi Lucarelli. Normally Goku's all perky and stuff but today he's just plain sick of your sh*t. ;)

I need to do more fan art. Sometimes just restyling an existing character is like a calming cruise control sort of thing for me; just play with shapes and color and push personality!

Off I go to down another beer and hash it out on the Wii.


devin platts said...

omfg epic win!!!!!!!!!!!

David Jackson said...

great job steph, dig the hell out of that Goku

Unknown said...

aaaahhh!! i wants it :3