Saturday, November 26, 2011

We did it! We survived CTN! Here's a pic of myself and Brianne at our booth, taken by the lovely Amy Wagner. Check out the full post on Stuart Ng's blog if you want to see more of the booth and the other artists who were there! Speaking of Stuart Ng, some of our sketchbooks will be on sale on his site very soon, so check back and I will post the direct link. Thank you to all who helped us prepare for the Expo, those who attended and those who supported us via food, buying our goodies or just stopping by.

I have some Muppet themed goodies to post, but I gotta wait a little longer until they go public. Time permitting, I will also have some new felties to post soon. I picked up the needles for the first time since March and it was an amazing feeling to be working with something tangible again. I heard that a few people at CTN-X were sad that I did not have felties on display at my booth this year, but I thought that they were too out of context for an animation expo. Maybe I was wrong!

Thank you guys for looking!


Gio M. said...

Blown away by your characters..

Christina M. said...

I was there YES!! I gladly bought your little artbook and got a Derpy and lemur sketch :D

Tegan Clancy said...

Just wanted to say I loved your work at the expo!