Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello again! This isn't deja vu, it's another commissioned feltie! This is Baby Appa II, made for a die-hard Avatar: TLA fan. He's a little bigger and denser than his previous incarnation but in the end I am pretty happy with him!

This would be a good time to mention that in an effort to pay off some huge vet bills, accumulated while trying to save Boo, my little blue rat, I am now taking felt commissions. Prices start aro0und $50 for something basic, like a rat feltie increase as the complexity and size of the piece does. Unfortunately, despite 3 days in an oxygen tank, nebulization and round the clock fluid/medicine injections, I still lost my little Boo to pneumonia, but I wouldn't have done anything differently in terms of her care. Ratties are such little heart breakers.

Big plans for the next commission. My fiber optics kit is in the mail. Mwahaha!

I still draw things too btw! I swear! D:


Unknown said...

aw, so sad about hear you rattie's death -_-

our gerbil died an year a half ago, but he did really touch our hearts

btw, love that feltie plush!

Cassie said...

I noticed that you do both illustration AND fiber arts. I do both as well, and I often lament that I have too many hobbies ( I also bookbind and oil paint and cook). How do you balance your interests?
Thanks Cassie

Unknown said...

Belit: Thank you so much. The little guys seem to have the biggest space in our hearts <3

Cassie: Having too many hobbies isn't a bad thing to me, it means you get to pull from tons of different influences and techniques! When it comes to balancing my interests though, I have to be honest and say I am piss poor at it -__-; I have a day job, freelance, felt commissions and things like illustration have really begun to fall by the wayside for me. I am trying to make a schedule for myself to stay well rounded but really, I find that my interests come and go in cycles and that things will even out. I hadn't done anything with sculpture since college, got really into character design when I graduated, and now I seem to be using character design to fuel doll making and crafts. It sounds like you have a lot of potential to create visually stunning and complex meals, or to make an artist's book with your best recipes, or who knows what. Double dip like there's no tomorrow! ;)


Wow! This looks so cool. Mmm love it. Want one! Well no for me, but for a gift. To bad your so far away, im from Argentina. But really cool Appa.

So sad about your lost.

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Ashly Picazo said...

I love these felties! I have seen people's creations and now getting the urge to learn how to do them for myself! I too find myself going through phases of crafting; illustrating, paper cutting, jewelry making and the other arts and crafts I love to do! I am afraid if I get to felting I'll become obsessed with it as well. But then again, I can't help myself, I just love creating things! Keep up the beautiful creations whether it be art or crafts! I love it all!