Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A wayward Elephant Shrew! I want one as a pet so badly :(

So, I've been talking about it in other social spheres, but this little guy is the first of many teaser images to come. What is he teasing for? The joint animal art book that I will be creating for APE in October, with the amazing Jeannine Schafer, that's what. The book will have 100% new content from me and feature both sketches and more polished works of some of my favorite non-human friends on this planet. My half of the book will predictably be filled with rodents, but I promise to diversify into other critters! Once APE is over, the book will be available at CTN-X in November and following that, can be purchased online by sending me an email.

We are both biology dorks turned artists who love Disney, Miyazaki and have our respective chubby, none-too-bright but lovable furry kids, so this should be quite a trip. ;)


Carrie Liao said...

aw man! This little guy is too cute...can't wait to see the book! :)

Jeannine said...


Edie Helena said...

How does one contact you for commissions? Do you do feltie commissions?

Unknown said...

Thank you guys!

Edie: You can drop me an email ( and we can chat about what you'd like, but unfortunately my felting commissions are closed until January. I am super full up for the fall and winter :(