Sunday, March 31, 2013

I'll tell you, it's been a pretty exhausting couple of weeks. Burning lots of midnight oil both at work and on gallery pieces and side projects. But I am happy to say that my felted version of "Raturdae" is done and is ready to be shipped off to the gallery!

 I have to admit, the little white rat has grown on me. I hope they go to a good home, he's hard to part with!

The show is at Clutter Magazine's gallery in Beacon, NY and you can sign up for the preview list right here! 

I have some good news about this spring, mostly regarding conventions and upcoming shows in the Bay Area. I will be at the Cherry Blossom Festival April 20 - 21 and at Maker Faire May18 - 19 to sell prints, the last of the books and some brand new stuff! I will keep you posted on here, of course.

This might also be a  good time to direct folks to my art page on facebook; while I have no intentions of abandoning this blog, I tend to be more active and post more works in-progress on FB. Go on over and "like" the page and make sure you have it in your pages feed to see more stuff!


Unknown said...

So cute and so well done. I'm in awe!
All the best with the showings.

p@tRi-ARt said...


Unknown said...

Your work is beautiful!

Ashley Perez said...

Wow Steph! This is simply wonderful and imaginative.I love you work! :)