Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Feelin' cheeky!

This is for a friend who said he was feeling Post-It envy. Well, envy not, this is for you. There's a billion icky tangents in this comp but I've decided to take my mental vacation a few days early. I can deal, can you? ;)

Oh yeah, I wear glasses now (most of the time). I can't believe how much I was missing up until this point, holy crap! Sweet, sweet clarity!

P.S. Stripes are hawt.


Martin Brennand said...

That is cute, scary and oddly sexy all in one little yellow square!

The Wii-mote is a nice touch. ;)

Shane said...

yeah for glasses.. your a true nerd now!!! LOL good stuff GREAT BLOG!

Mr. Joe said...

Fetishizing Wii remotes? Check.

Alex Deligiannis said...

Ahem. Saw your comment on Colman's blog. You know, you can't go around bragging about beating people at Mario Kart, it's just not kosher. Violates all sorts of etiquette. Plus it makes me look bad since I was there. Whatever. LOVE the mermaid and butterfly illustrations below, very dope!

Unknown said...

yes stripes are sexy.

great illo!

Unknown said...

If I ever play a wii game against you online, I'm going to have some images in my head now! ;)