Monday, September 17, 2007

Post-it quickie!

I was going to do this epic post-it series before my last day at work and give the whole grand mosaic of memories as a parting gift to my friend, to say thank you for sharing the moments with me. But the further I got into this, the more exhausted I became and the more worried about taxing the friendship, so maybe it's time to just keep what I have and give this project a rest.

Never underestimate the versatility of white-out; it's not just for mistakes anymore!

Update: I gave these to him in person. They were well received :)


Jackson Dryden said...

Hey Steph. Just wanted to swing by and say hello. Hello. Do you still have more copies of your sketchbook? I hope all is well.

Martin Brennand said...

just do them when you have the time deary! No use stressing yourself out.