Sunday, September 09, 2007

I just took inventory and realized that I have less than 50 copies of Sketch or Swim left! Oh noes!

Wanna help me find homes for them? ^_~ Drop an email to if you'd like one. They're all signed and numbered n' stuff and there were only 200 of them printed. $10 includes shipping and entitles you to a few PugFish pins too!

New stuff coming this week btw!


Seg said...

Did you get my e-mail last Thursday about selling another book to one of my coworkers?

Unknown said...

Since you *do* have some left over, may I claim one? :D

Martin Hsu said...

I have that book! It's awesome! And I got about 5 million pugfish pins with it! Sweet!

Did you dye your hair? I like it! I'm coming up next weekend!

John said...

Howdy from Nevada,

I'd like to have one too if you have any left. Later tonight I'll e-mail you about it. Thanks for the welcom over in the concept forum......By the way? Where do Cartoonist post a gallery there? or for that matter is my work even worth posting there? I'm just a hack you know.


Richard Gaines said...

Great styles you have here! I like the little chibi (sic) animals too.

Kate Dwiggins said...

Ah! I actually just had to stop by and thank you for your comment on my journal!

I'm super-super flattered! In a completly non-creepy way, I just love your stuff, and I admire your work a lot, so it means very much to me! Thank you so much - again!

Unknown said...

Heya Steph, I've sent you an email about this, hope you're doing well!