Saturday, June 21, 2008

Again, no art in this post (and that will again change this week!) but I had to put up this snippet from The Republican about my work in the Girls Girls Girls! show at I/O:

"The problem, if it could be called that, with a gallery show of women creating pinups is that it can become queerly misogynistic. If a woman creates an image of a bare-breasted women centaur whipping another woman on all fours, is that subversive progress or a profiteering regression?

That's a question that ripples through this show, most of which includes clever, sassy work, like that of Steph Labaris, who draws precious art like "My Little Pony," and, in her free time, creates kinky bare-breasted centaurs."

So how about it guys, am I part of the problem or part of the solution? ;) And it appears that they spelled last name wrong - I should be used to it by now but I hope no one googles this "Labaris" chick. She sounds dirty.


Kat said...

I find your work to be empowering and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

sO amaZinG!

Svetlana said...

She (he? but I doubt it judging from the style of the writing :)) is not your viewer, that's all. You know I enjoyed your spicy side :).
Those images are fun mix of hidden pepper and careless sunshine, really swell idea and execution.
I bet she will remember them.

Emma said...

People up here in SF totally own and accept kink... but those Los Angeles people are buttoned up!

Unknown said...

heeey... we're not buttoned up at all down here in LA! isn't the article about the show in the IO gallery in CT? Sex and kink can be fun and racy, which i think the artwork captures; I think the article is just trying to bring a brevity to the show that yeah, I guess could be forced onto some of the subject matter, but that's been a long-standing question that can be answered nor here nor there.

Anonymous said...