Friday, June 20, 2008

This was the last game that I was the Lead Artist for while I was at LeapFrog - I designed the entire look/feel of the world, characters, props, buildings, UI... basically everything until we hit vertical slice, then the rest of the asset creation went out to other talented artists once I established the design. It's basically a wandering sort of game where your super hero chick earns points by doing good deeds and solving math problems. It's LeapFrog guys, of course there are math problems

I love love love doing non-licensed stuff like this so it was a real treat for me. All of my assets were created in Adobe Illustrator and exported to Flash.

Hope you guys like it, despite the predictable cuteness factor! And oh yes, I managed to smuggle not one but TWO unicorns into the game - the hippocampus atop the fountain and the ki-rin on the Dojo mat ^_^

To anyone who has ordered a copy of Sketch or Swim: I have run out of the first edition but the second edition is in print as I type this! It will ship in a couple of weeks, so I apologize for the delay :) The new book is also on the way, it's shaping up to be 20 pages and an inch bigger all around than Sketch or Swim is. I will post updates on that soon!


Fabián Fucci said...

I can't really say how much I love these!

Unknown said...

There's nothing wrong with a predictable cuteness factor Steph, Disney have been making money off that for almost a century!

Very nice work

Erin said...

It's so exciting that you can finally share this! I wonder if I can share the Tiki Racing stuff I did yet... :)

Anonymous said...

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