Tuesday, June 10, 2008

No new art in this post either (yet!) but a heads up to check out Girls Girls Girls at The Io Gallery if you happen to be near Connecticut this weekend. I have those Smutty Centaurs (Smut-taurs?) hanging there among the amazing works of Olivia and Julie Bell. I feel like but a tiny foal in a herd of thundering... awesome artist lady peoples.

I found the gallery's description of me to be amusing:

"Steph is seriously cute as a button and her work reflects her sunny disposition, beaming smile and love of mildly afflicted animals. To know Steph is to love her."

Looks like I better bust out more emo art, I'm going soft! ;) Once again, I wish I could go in-person but both my energy and checking account is tapped-out from this weekend's journey to the Midwest.

More artage soon <3