Sunday, April 26, 2009

Here's a handful of those critters I did for a facebook app - there's like scores more of these but I can't show 'em till they release. :( The game they were originally intended for was put on hold so they're going to be used as charms for an existing app. I hope they get their own spotlight soon!

You guys prolly won't hear back from me for a little while as I am embarking on a journey by train to Chicago this week (I've never been!), then hopping a plane back to Boston to spend long overdue time with my family and out of the chaos that is my life here. I can't even tell you how awesome that feels! What's cooler is that I just got a call from Amtrak and they had to upgrade me to a deluxe bedroom on my journey. I guess I'll survive... somehow... ^_~


Kassandra Heller said...

Yay Chicago! I try to travel there when I need a break from the madness in Detroit! Hey! I really dig these critters! I'm loving the colors and textures!

Josh Frost said...

Dude you have a great style! I was wondering if you ever have done a Darth Vader? I am creating a tribute book to George Lucas called "100 Ways to the Darkside" where I am having 100 hand picked artist create Darth Vader. I would love one for the book in your style. Please let me know if your interested!

Thanks a million

- Josh

Gnarfdeath said...

love that bat!

Mukpuddy said...

Wow, these are awesome!! Really dig your work!!