Monday, April 20, 2009

A moment of thought and prayer for my Grandmother, Annette Conlon, who passed away two years ago this morning. She was a very loving and beautiful presence in my life and I miss her so much.

This is a photo of her that I found taken circa 1929 when she was 17 years old. I suppose good taste in hats runs in my family <3

For those who haven't read last year's entry about her, I recommend that you do. She was just wonderful and it was heart-wrenching to watch her slip away into dementia. I wanted to do another little illustration of her for today, but the days just slipped by too fast. It will have to be a project for the near future.

I invite you to make a donation in any amount to the Alzheimer's Association, though their site appears to be down at the moment. As soon as it's up, I will make my annual donation in her name.

I miss you, Grandma. I love you.


Unknown said...

You can see the family resemblance in that pic Steph. It's such a sad story, but I'd be happy to know I'd been such a nice influence on someone's life.

Take care m'dear. <:)

Anonymous said...

I was also going to say that you can definitely see the resemblance!

Tom Scholes said...

I third the resemblance, so great. It was a very similar story with my Grandmother as well - just over 2 years ago too. :(