Thursday, April 09, 2009

Thank you guys for the congrats and the feedback on the last sketch dump. I am stopping in to say that I have release dates for 1 of the 3 LBP theme packs I have worked on so far... being the Norse set and the Egyptian set.

Check out the official info here.

I only did the 2D sticker art; not sure who did the brilliant 3D costumes. I can't wait to download them! In other news, I got about two dozen of the Dover Sticker Books I illustrated last year in the mail yesterday. They look great! And now that I actually have young relatives to give stuff like this to, they won't feel so wasted like the Leap Frog merch did. ;) One thing that I really like about Dover Publishing in general is that they are adamant about giving credit to their artists. Props to them :)

Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap, I better work on again. So much to update!

Edit: Some eels and Water Owls for ya :D