Saturday, September 15, 2012

Another one for the animal book, only this is an animal that I know well. This is Tristan, the tripod greyhound. He lost his leg this year to osteocarcinoma, or bone cancer, which is sadly common for greyhounds. I can tell you that his owners faced a gut-wrenching decision when he was diagnosed and chose to amputate rather than rely on chemo alone. Over a month later, he is doing FABULOUS and runs, jumps, digs and barrels around with his trademark hound grin.

He's such a good boy! Keep kicking cancer in the face, Tristan!


Unknown said...

He looks great! Glad to hear a story about a survivor!

Unknown said...

I love your blog!! And I just love this dog illustration, it's perfect. Love it love it love it.

Unknown said...

Hannah: Thank you! Unfortunately, with this type of cancer, he is never really cured but it is being slowed down and his quality of life is fantastic right now. He's going to be spoiled rotten even more than before and he has no idea why :)

Sarita: Thanks so much! Your work is so sweet and playful, with just the right amount of derp. Right on!

Unknown said...

i love it great work i am your new follower now. and this is my blog i would love you to check it out. cant wait to see your next post

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