Thursday, September 13, 2012


A quick dump of fan art. If you haven't seen ParaNorman yet, you're missing out. Seriously. I had high hopes for it going in, since I am an unabashed LAIKA fan girl and I wasn't disappointed. In fact, I was tickled when I saw that it takes place in a fictional Salem (MA, not OR!) town, given that I grew up and spent the greater part of my life in the North Shore. Though my Boston accent is long gone, my memories of the smallest details of my old neighborhoods are present every day and clearly the artists did their research and did it well.

What resonated for me the most was the story of little Aggie, for reason's I'll explain once more people have seen the movie. That would be Aggie in the doodle I did here. 

For real though, I had to remind myself countless times that these were physical models with only the lightest digital clean-up. LAIKA has leveled up in their craft and I hope someday I can contribute to all that they do.