Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More domesticated critters! I kind of want to keep going down the derpy pet route for the book and lay off the exotics for a bit, only because I like being able to push the personalities of animals that I know personally. Maybe there could be a cocker spaniel or two in the mix soon!

Anyway! This is Merlin, a Siamese cat who was adopted as a stray by my two good friends.  I haven't really sat down with him, but I can tell he's, well, touched. I can't confirm or deny whether this scenario happened IRL, but I think EVERY cat owner has had to deal with this at least once in their lives. Merlin is a pretty bead on a necklace.

Those who know me know that I am just not a cat person. Dogs? Hells yes. Rats? You know it. Cats... um... well, I've met a few mentally challenged ones that were pretty cool, the kind that meow at nothing and slam into walls. And all of those ones had some degree of Siamese in them, go fig.

Anyway, fate has me in a position where I cannot escape cats. My housemate has 2. My boyfriend has 2. most of my best friends have a few. So when life gives you hairballs, make derpy art.