Thursday, September 06, 2012

To summarize, she threw me for a loop last month with her tumor removal surgery. The procedure itself went great, however, Pork Chop found herself back in surgery twice, due to her OCD which ended up in the CONSTANT RIPPING OUT OF HER OWN STAPLES AND SUTURES. The third time she opened the wound it became very infected and she had to have the dead tissue debrided and bleeeegggghhh. Not fun for everyone involved and by that time the entire veterinary staff knew her by name :P

So, I love my little boo and I am grateful that she’s OK and properly healed now, however, she’s left me with a large vet bill. So I am selling signed 8.5” x 11” prints of  my latest rattie piece, "Raturdae" on velvet paper for $15 each, which includes shipping to anywhere in the US. International shipping can be arranged for an extra fee to cover shipping costs.

If you’d like one, please email I take PayPal only, apologies if that inconveniences anyone.

Now off to snuggle my little furballs!